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Metaphysical Properties of Stones Available in the PlayHaven Farm LLC General Store

(these descriptions are based, primarily, from information found in “Love is in the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals” by Melody)

Amethyst - Known as a protector from psychic attacks, it transmutes negative energy into positive, loving energy. It enhances the connection between lower and higher frequencies creating cooperation between the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual worlds. Associated with metamorphosis, it is the “stone of spirituality and contentment”.

Aventurine - Known primarily for bringing prosperity, this stone also is related to the heart chakra when it is green. It provides balance between the male and female energies.

Bloodstone - Its message is one of courage and “be in the now” while it helps to center and ground the heart so as to revitalize love, friendship and other relationships. An aid to practice unselfishness and idealism, it augments your talents, decision-making and creative endeavors.

Blue Lace Agate - Especially useful to entering high-frequency states of awareness. Often associated with the throat chakra as it stimulates talents of speaking with precision and inspiration.

Carnelian - Associated with emotions, it assists with self-awareness. A protector from envy, fear, rage and sorrow it reminds us that since we are love, there is nothing but love to offer. Also an aid to dispel apathy, indolence and passivity.

Citrine - Does not hold or accumulate negative energy, instead it changes it by working out problems; it is a stone of the intellect. Positive influences include education, business and interpersonal relationships; producing cohesiveness with others. It helps to clarify problems and bring solutions to light. Additionally, called the “merchant’s stone” because it not only assists in the accumulation of wealth but to maintain the state of wealth.

Double Terminated Quartz - Having the same qualities as Quartz and are additionally multi-functional because energy moves outward in either direction concurrently. They are known to intensify the dreaming state and are useful in providing protection from mental and physical harm (like an energy shield).

Faceted Glass - Manufactured composition. Joyful to behold, sparkling, light. As humans are created from stardust (as is everything), glass being created by humans is no less miraculous than anything else.

Goldstone - A human-made stone that is basically glass with a copper suspension. It combines the attributes of copper (which is stimulating… whether emotional, physical or spiritual) with sand/quartz (amplifying and harmonizing). As humans are created from stardust (as is everything), goldstone being created by humans is no less miraculous than anything else.

Hematite - Focuses energy and emotions for balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its magnetic qualities provide equilibrium for the meridians and nervous systems (both physical and ethereal).

Kyanite - Unlimited in application, it never retains negative energy and brings tranquility and a calm to the whole being. It enhances the connection between intuition and love, producing compassion in both communication and decision-making. A useful aid for meditation.

Magnetite - An attracting stone (it really is magnetic) it also magnifies the ability to discern answers to avoid unwanted situations. A stabilizing stone that can attract love and help to manifest desires. Primarily know for the grounding connection between you and the Earth, it provides protection in all types of situations.

Moonstone - Associated with intuition and destiny, it is helpful with realizing that each new beginning is the result of an ending. Awareness of cycles, the “ups and downs” and doing so with grace.

Pyrite - Protective, shielding, and nourishing; it sustains the ideals of health, intellect and emotional well-being on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.

Quartz - With or without a ‘point’, quartz is a truly powerful and energetically healing stone. Its polarity can be changed and directed which support the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer and transformation of energy. Entire books are written about the attributes of quartz in its many forms.

Red Jasper - The “supreme nurturer”, a protective stone especially against negativity while stabilizing Earth energies (grounding). Often used to align chakra energies, it help balance yin/yang, and the physical/emotional/intellectual with the etheric energies.

Rose Quartz - The “stone of gentle love”, it gently removes negativity and promotes self-love which allows outward love. A reminder that haste is unnecessary, it opens the heart center to dissolve stress and tension.

Shiva Lingam - One of the oldest religious symbols of civilization originating in India. Both phallic and egg shaped, it represents balance: yin and yang, male and female. It is a very hard stone (Chalcedony with inclusion or matrix of Iron Oxide and Goethite) and yet it feels soft to the touch. An excellent aid to realign and balance the chakras, it is very grounding and centering and highly useful for meditation. There is much more to this stone than can be provided here. (NOTE: ‘lingam’ means penis and using it without the ‘Shiva’ for internet searches may bring about unwanted results.)

Sodalite - A stone of intellect… it helps eliminate confusion, stimulates logical thought and does so providing direction with a purpose and lightness of heart. Also manifests fellowship, solidarity and commonality of goals within a group.

Tiger Eye - Melding the energies of the Sun and the Earth, this highly grounding mineral also enhances psychic abilities and provides for balance of Yin and Yang. Excellent for promoting optimism by bringing a “lightness” to the mind while still being practical and insightful. Aid in attunement of interconnectedness, which is how you are part of a bigger picture and what your place is in it. Commonly considered to stimulate wealth and keep it.

Tourmalinated Quartz - Combines the protective (especially in regard to psychic interactions) attributes of tourmaline with the healing, balancing and power of quartz.  In addition to amplifying both body energy and thoughts; it facilitates the give and take of information with masters, teachers, and healers.

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